LodeStar® has implemented an award-winning risk engineering technology, which we believe will become an important driver of your investment success. For the first time there is an independent way to measure the amount of financial risk you are willing to accept, and how much risk your portfolio has, with unparalleled accuracy.

Prior to this, there has been no way to pinpoint your individual risk tolerance without using words like "conservative, moderate or aggressive".  It has also been all but impossible to determine the exact risk an individual portfolio has built into it.  Now, with the use of this new technology, we can do just that with measurable certainty and results.  We are able to calculate your individual risk tolerance, together with the risk built into every investment, from CDs and bonds, to mutual funds, stocks and ETFs.

We can custom design your portfolio, engineering risk so it fits your precise and acceptable risk tolerance level with a 95% mathematical confidence level.  The Risk Number® technology objectively calculates your true risk tolerance utilizing a scientific framework that won the Nobel Prize For Economics.

We are confident that implementing this cutting edge technology will result in a greater probability of you reaching your investing goals.

George Kiraly Jr., CFP®, MBA is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor.


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